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Welcome to, the place for Python developers to build, run and share Python scripts, APIs and GUIs. It’s all in your browser, so you can just open up and start building!

These docs will tell you everything you need to get started building in, but the fastest way to get started is to play with some examples. Check out the featured examples on the homepage, or pick a tutorial below:

What can you do with lets you build and share “widgets”, which are pieces of Python code. A widget can be:

  • A Script: It’s a Python script. Write some code, install some packages, click Run, job done – no installation required. Build a script in with this tutorial.

  • A Scheduled Task: Run code at scheduled intervals. Want to create a site checker that runs every hour and emails you if your website is down? Try this tutorial.

  • An HTTP API: Build code that talks to other code, and put it online immediately. Handle events from webhooks, build a public API for your data, or build a backend for something else. Getting an HTTP API online with is extremely quick – get your first HTTP API online in seconds with this tutorial.

  • A GUI: makes it easy to build graphical user interfaces and publish them on the web. Use a drag-and-drop editor to design your UI, then call Python methods when the user does something! uses Anvil’s rich GUI toolkit, so you really can build anything. Get started by building a feedback form with this tutorial.

Share your code is built for sharing your code. Make your widgets public on your profile, or embed them elsewhere on the web. Jazz up your profile with pictures, and present a portfolio of your coolest widgets.

If you’ve found a public widget you like, you can fork it to get your own copy and edit it yourself.

And of course, you can share your working APIs and GUIs, too: Each widget has a URL on the internet, so you can use it as you build it!

Is free?

Yes. Next question?

OK, you want to know more. Fair enough – is made by the team behind Anvil, a platform for building and hosting full-stack apps entirely in Python. is backed by the same platform and toolkit as Anvil – in fact, all of your widgets can be opened as Anvil apps. If you like, perhaps you’ll want to check out Anvil, perhaps you’ll even use it at work, and that would make us happy. 😊

What next?

Pick up and try it out! Go to and try one of our featured examples, or start with a simple tutorial.

One small step for a developer, one giant leap for the community!

Do you still have questions?

Our Community Forum is full of helpful information and friendly experts.